DSC_0064Bernott company started as a “father and son’s” hobby to decorate home with handmade wooden art. Later on the daughter of a family started taking pictures of products, sharing and promoting them, otherwise you would not find those two artists hidden in a workshop between all the products and ideas.

The precise quality made the works well known, and started as a Bernott family hobby, now products are welcome and send everywhere in the world.

Today Bernott offers plates and platters, souvenirs, wall hangings, toys and many more works from wood to one’s own taste and liking. New products fill the gallery every day, but the main focus still lays in the unique individual design to suit one’s personal taste.


A stylish decorated home says a lot about you – impeccable taste, character, personality and status. Don’t compromise when searching for state-of-art accessories and decorations. Your house will never be complete unless you furnish it with one-of-a-kind pieces specially crafted for you. Let us bring a subtle touch to your home. In everything we do, we strive to meet the highest possible standards. We value the excellent quality of our products.

Every item is handmade. This ensures absolute perfection to every piece of work. We strive to create unique pieces for unique individuals.